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Why Select a Northstar Camper?

Our truck campers are designed with your needs in mind and constructed with high-quality materials that will allow you to use them for years to come as you travel anywhere you want to go. We listen to the needs of you, our customers, and use your feedback to

"Everything is engineered perfectly and logically on our Northstar - better than any other camper we've owned (including Bigfoot, Forest River, and Winnebago.) We can really count on it in middle of nowhere. The layout is spacious, usable and homey. The windows are fantastic in all weather, we love the wet bath and sleep like babies in the queen bed."

~ Travis and Angie Z

  construct better truck campers. We camp in the truck campers we manufacture, so we can use our own experience to help design the best campers on the market using time tested construction techniques and quality materials.

At  Northstar Campers, we only make truck campers, which allows us to constantly improve our designs and dedicate our time to providing you with the best truck camper that will stand the test of time as you travel.

The Importance of Camper Weight

Selecting the right truck camper depends a lot on how much weight your truck can handle. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) will tell you how much weight your truck can handle. You can usually find your truck camper’s certified weight label on the back of the camper, where the total weight is listed and includes standard equipment like water tanks and propane tanks. Add-ons are not included on the certified weight labels. 

It’s important to know your truck’s GVWR because Northstar truck campers are often heavier than the ones produced by our competitors. Every Northstar truck camper has a 5/8-inch underlayment floor to cover your truck bed and features a reinforced frame, galvanized steel corners and several other unique features that allow our truck campers to last longer.

Camper Construction

Each Northstar camper, whether it’s a pop-up or hardwall camper, is built to last using quality craftsmanship and the best construction materials available. Our production staff goes above and beyond when constructing our truck campers, gluing every joint together and then reinforcing the joints with hardened steel screws. All wiring, gas and plumbing systems are installed to meet code requirements while still offering you the highest level of comfort and usability.

Our truck campers feature insulation that works well in both hot and cold environments, so you know you’re camper will be ready for any weather, no matter where you’re traveling. Our hardwall campers standard package includes insulated windows, and our pop-up campers can be ordered with the “Sub Zero” package, which adds further protection against the winter elements.

Constructed For The Roughest Terrains

If you have questions about our truck campers, we’re ready to answer them. Please visit our contact page to fill out our form and let us know what you need to know about our campers and construction process.

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