850SC (2024) For a Full Size Truck with either a Std. Short Bed (6' 4" to 6'10") or Long Bed (8') AVAILABLE TO BE DEALER ORDERED.



The 850SC (SC meaning Self Contained with Interior Shower & Toilet) is 8’ 6” in the floor length and 1785 lbs. dry weight std. build.

 “Wrap” is the terminology that we use at Northstar for the different side skirts to correctly fit the many truck bed lengths.

 The camper can be ordered with different wraps to accommodate Std. Short Bed (6’4” to 6’10”) or Long Bed (8’) trucks.

a. Std. build with long side skirts and no doors or storage in those skirts. In this mode the camper will fit a std. short bed or a long bed. 

b. With option #22 Detachable Wrap meaning there would be lockable doors opening up to storage boxes in the side skirts. In this  mode the camper will fit a std. short bed but the storage boxes could be removed in the future for the camper to fit a long bed.  

c. With option #21 Permanent Wrap meaning there would be lockable doors opening up to storage boxes in the side skirts the same as the Detachable Wrap option but the boxes would be non-removable so the camper will only ever fit a std. short bed truck.   This option is required if ordering the camper with #23 Rear Storage Bumper.

If going on a Dually truck the camper will need to be built with short side skirts. 

Included in the long list of standard equipment is a North/South RV Queen (60” x 80”) bed, Auto Ignition Furnace, Auto Ignition Water Heater, Exterior Shower and Interior Shower / Cassette Toilet combination. With a lower profile pop up camper you can experience ease of travel with less wind resistance, a low center of gravity and narrow travel width, coupled with great storage and self-containment. With the cassette toilet there is no need to re-load the camper to dump your waste tank!  Northstar campers are meant to used off the truck, leaving your vehicle free for sightseeing, off-roading, or pulling the boat back and forth to water.

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Base Dry Weight 1,785 lbs
Closed Body Height 5' 6" Plus 5" for Vent Lid/Shower Dome
Interior Height - Open 6' 8"
Interior Height - Closed 4' 8"
Exterior Width 7'
Overall Length 15'
Floor Length 8' 6"
Approximate Center of Gravity 32" From the front going towards the rear
Cabover Bed Size 60"x 80"
Dinette Bed Size 36"x 73"
Mattress to Roof Height - Open 27"
Mattress to Roof Height - Closed 4"
Fresh Water Capacity 30 Gal
Gray Water Holding Tank 13 Gal
Cassette Fresh Water Tank 4 Gal
Cassette Black Water Tank 5 Gal
Floor Bottom Width 48"

850SC (2024) For a Full Size Truck with either a Std. Short Bed (6' 4" to 6'10") or Long Bed (8') AVAILABLE TO BE DEALER ORDERED. Features

  • Auto ignition furnace w/ digital thermostat
  • Happijac (4220) 4 corner manual jacks
  • 2 burner slide in glass top stove
  • Single sink w/ single lever faucet and pull out sprayer
  • Auto ignition water heater w/ exterior port shower & bypass
  • 30 Gallon fresh water tank
  • City water inlet
  • Marine grade ultra light plywood
  • Hand fitted block foam insulation
  • Insulated floor
  • Fiberglass siding with graphics
  • 7-way truck plug with holder
  • 30 amp Twist adapter w/15 amp lighted power cord
  • 25 amp power converter with Auto Detect AGM/Lithium battery charger
  • LPG, CO & Smoke detectors
  • 20 lb stand up exchangeable LPG tank
  • Screened entrance door w/ dead bolt & gas strut
  • 6" Gel Memory/High Density foam mattress
  • Interior shower with cassette toilet
  • 13 Gallon gray water holding tank
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Wired to accommodate AGM/Lithium battery/batteries
  • Interior & exterior 110v outlets
  • 12v Utility receptacle w/double USB port
  • Maxxfan Plus Model 00-05100K
  • LED interior & patio (3) lighting
  • Large folding entry assist handle
  • Lagun swing away table system
  • Battery shut off switch
  • Lift up underbed storage with 2 gas struts
  • 1/2 Wrap around rear end with longer wings & w/ LED lights
  • Electric lift system (Roof)
  • North/South extended cabover bed with side hampers
  • Aviation push button cabinet latches
  • Exterior USB port
  • Solid walnut dinette table
  • Pop out pass through window

Accessories by Number

7.   Glass Top Stainless Steel Sink $385.00
9.   Sub Zero Package Insulated Tent, Insulated Dinette Window & Foil Faced Wall Insulation (10 lbs) This is a forced option, the std. window/tent are NA. The camper cannot be ordered without this option, it is not included in the base price. $1,490.00
10.   3.5 CF 12v only Compressor Fridge w/175 Watt Solar Panel w/Bluetooth Module. This is a forced option the Std. Absorption Fridge is NA. The Camper cannot be ordered without this option, it is not included in the base price. $690.00
14.   Pre-Wire for Roof Air Conditioner (2 lbs) $115.00
15.   Roof Air Conditioner (includes #14) (99 lbs) $1,270.00
16.   Pre-Wire for Stereo w/ 2 Speakers & Antenna (1 lb) $110.00
17.   AM-FM Stereo w/ 2 Speakers & Antenna (includes #16) (5 lbs) $290.00
18.   Amplified TV Antenna (9 lbs) $240.00
19.   Cable TV Inlet (1 lb) $40.00
21.   Permanent Wrap-Around Rear End with LED Tail Lights for Short Bed Trucks (37 lbs) $500.00
22.   Detachable Wrap-Around Rear End with LED Tail Lights for Short Bed Trucks (27 lbs) $465.00
23.   Rear Storage Bumper w/ Swingdown Step (only w/ #21) (60 lbs) $1,260.00
24.   Pre-Wire for Electric Jack (4 lbs) $210.00
25.   Electric 4-Corner Jacks (includes #24) (37 lbs) $1,580.00
26.   Overhead Cabinet Over Dinette (48"L x7"H x9"D) (18lbs) $210.00
27.   Overhead Cabinet Over Galley (36"L x7"H x9"D) (14lbs) $210.00
28.   Riser Kit For Trucks w/Taller Bed Rails(14 lbs) $80.00
29.   Tip-Out Extra Bed (XB) in Dinette 60" Long (40 lbs) $1,990.00
30.   Exterior Solar Hook Up (1 lb) $95.00
31.  LED Accent Lights Under Outs (2 lbs) $90.00

Accessories by Letter:

A.   4 Step Scissor Step (Stow & Go + $110) (18 lbs) $420.00
B.   5 Step Scissor Step (22 lbs) $450.00
C.   6' Fiamma Roll-Out Rear or Side Awning (19 lbs) $690.00
D.   8' Crank Out Side Awning (49 lbs) $1,335.00
E.   10' Carefree Crank Out Side Awning (55 lbs) $1,435.00
G.   Back up digital camera w/5" screen $795.00
H.   Roof Rack (Std. spacing 6') (27 lbs) $340.00
I.   Dually Swingout Brackets with Extensions (22 lbs) $380.00
J.   Foam Front Window Boot. For truck slider window. (5 lbs) $130.00
K.   Privacy Curtain (1 lb) $80.00
L.   Rear wall ladder (3 lbs) $165.00
M.   1000 Watt Inverter $595.00
O.   2nd 175 Watt Solar Panel $535.00
Q.   Clear Entry Door Window w/ Snap Cover (3 lbs) $130.00
R.   Bunk Ladder (3 lbs) $110.00
S.   Fresh water tank cleaning port $55.00

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