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At  Northstar Campers, we take pride in serving as a resource for our customers and answering their questions. We invite you to browse through some of our frequently asked questions and if you do not find your answer please fill out the form on the right.

Which Pop-Up Camper Fits Which Truck?

2017 Northstar Pop Up Truck Camper/Truck Compatibility Sheet

Note: Different Brand/Model/Year Trucks have varying bed lengths, tail gate openings and bed rail heights, the use of a tape measure is highly recommended.

MC600/600SS Fits short or long bed Tacoma, Ranger, Frontier, Colorado, Canyon etc. with a wheel well width of 40" or larger.
TC700/700SS  Fits long bed only versions of the above.

Note: The 600/700 series will not fit full size trucks.

TC650, 650SC Fits short bed or ultra short bed (5' 6" to 6' 10") full size 1/2 ton and larger trucks.

TC800, 850SC Fits short bed (6' 4" to 6' 10") or long bed (8') full size 1/2 ton and larger trucks.

950SC               Fits long bed (8') full size 1/2 ton and larger trucks.

How can I find pricing, standard equipment etc. on a particular model ?

We post all of our pricing on the web site, just click on the desired camper to see the base retail price, then click on “FEATURES” to see what standard equipment is included in that price, then click on “ACCESSORIES”  for additional options & accessories.

Your dealer can provide you with a final price including freight, any truck work, batteries and any other accessories you may need or desire.


What are the tie-down options for mounting any of your campers, hardwall or pop-up, to a truck?

There are only 2 brand name tiedown systems available: Torklift  or HappiJac, both are great products, they are just different. 

Tiedowns (4) are already mounted on the camper during manufacture. Either Torklift or HappiJac tiedowns will need to be installed on the truck, either by the customer or dealer, before taking delivery.

Turnbuckles (4) are what connect the camper tiedowns to the truck tiedowns.

How do I winterize my camper ?

Please copy and paste into your browser.



What do the designations SC, TC, XB, MC, SS stand for?

MC     Mini Camper.
TC      Truck Camper.
SS      Super Size.            The 600SS and T700SS are 5.5" taller in the side wall than the MC600 and TC700.
SC      Self Contained       Interior toilet and shower.
XB       Extra Bed               Option # 29 Tip -Out Extra Bed

DSI      Direct Spark Ignition       Auto ignition on the water heater and furnace

LED     Light Emitting Diode        The latest bulb technology

What models of the pop-up truck campers would fit a compact truck?

600/700 Series, depending upon the truck bed length. Short beds will only accomodate the MC600/600SS.

Do you offer a cold weather package for your pop-up models?

Yes we do, option # 9. SUB ZERO PACKAGE consisting of Tri-Lam insulated tent, insulated dinette window and foil faced block foam wall insulation, only available during manufacture.

See further description and photos on Page 10 of the pop up brochure downloadable from our web site.

Is it OK to use a Northstar camper when it is off the truck?

Yes, the Northstar is designed to be used as a "base camp" off the truck. Be sure the jack feet are all on firm ground and the camper is lowered as close as possible to the ground. We recommend you carry 12” square plywood pads to set under the jack feet when you’re off the grid.  All Northstar campers are meant to be used or stored without the need for saw horses, cinder blocks etc.

Can I purchase a camper directly from Northstar?

While you are cordially invited to visit the factory to see how they are built (tours are available by appointment) Northstars are sold and serviced through our many dealers, not factory direct. There is a list of stocking dealers on our web site under " Worldwide Dealers". Please contact our Sales Manager, Billy Mackaill 602-524-7629 or [email protected], to arrange a factory tour, locate your closest dealer or even a particular model.

To find a local dealer on our web site, click on “Resources” then “Dealers” and insert your zip code or click on a yellow star in your area.

Where can I find owners manual for various appliances such as a fridge, furnace, water heater etc.

Please select manuals under the “Resources”  banner section on the Northstar Campers website.

What exactly is a "cassette" toilet?

The cassette part of the toilet refers to the holding tank. It pulls out and can be carried or rolled to any restroom or dump station to be emptied. The reservoir can be refilled with lake, stream or gray water to continue camping, you do not need to use your fresh water.

The cassette toilet is not connected to your fresh water system.

What is the function of the solar panel?

The function of the solar panel is to charge the on board 12v battery/batteries which in turn will then supply DC (Direct Current) 12v power to various items in the camper, interior lights, furnace blower, 12v outlet, Fantastic Fan, water pump etc. The solar panel does not actually power anything, the batteries do that.

Please remember, the battery/batteries are also charged through the trickle charger in the power converter when the camper is plugged into 110 v or a portable generator.

Also whenever the truck engine is running and the camper is plugged into the truck 7 pin Bargman hookup.

Do any of your campers have a space for a porta pottie ?

All of our pop up campers that do not have the interior toilet have a enclosed storage space for a portable toilet (Thetford 260 B) which is slid out to be used. 

In some instances the porta pottie has to be turned to get in and out.

How do I plug in my truck camper and travel/boat trailer at the same time ?

To carry a truck camper and tow at the same time you will need to purchase the “Y” splitter. 

What size batteries do your pop up campers carry and where are they stored ?

The 600/700 series has an exterior compartment for a single group 24 battery.

In the TC650 through 950SC models (Except 650SC-1-) all have an interior group 27 battery box already vented to the outside wall and have room for 2 batteries, deep cycle lead acid or AGMs (Absorbed Glass Mats)

The AGMs do not require venting or a battery box.

Do you offer a pop-up slide-in truck camper with a tip out bedroom?

The tip out dinette bed ( XB-extra bed) is available in the 700SS, TC650, TC800, 850SC and 950SC. The TC800 bed is 70" x 32”, all the rest are 60" x 32”. The bed is rated at 500 lbs capacity.

Do you make a camper for flat-bed trucks?

Yes we do. The American Hero (9' long in the floor and 7' 10" wide) is for the full size flatbed trucks.

I love my camper, but wish I had the electric jacks. I am prewired for them. How hard are they to add? Will I be able to hit a button and all 4 raise and lower together?

If you have your camper pre-wired for the electric jacks, it is easy to add the electric motors and control brain to your camper. The cordless remote allows you to raise and lower all 4 jacks at once or individually to level the camper. If the camper is stored without the battery but plugged into 110 v the electric jacks will not work, the camper has to have a battery in place.


Anytime the jacks are to be used for levelling the camper, the turnbuckles MUST be undone !!

I removed the battery a long time ago. How do I hook it up again?

The white leads go to 12V(-) and the red and black connect to the 12V(+)

Will you build a custom camper ?

No, Northstar has to submit floor plans and be in code compliance with various federal agencies and numerous states allowing us to ship our product anywhere in the U.S. 

Is there a noticeable difference in handling with a pop-up vs. a hardwall camper?

Yes, there is a noticeable difference, and it will depend on what you plan to use a truck for. The pop up center of gravity is far lower along with less wind resistance, both front and sides.

Do you offer larger refrigerators for the 850 SC?

The 850SC is standard with a 3.7 cubic foot 3 way (Propane, 110 v, 12v ) refrigerator which is the largest it can accommodate as we are restricted by the camper side wall height.  The 12 v setting on this fridge is a maintain mode only meaning it will only maintain the temperature achieved by the use of the other 2 fuels. Please make sure to discuss this further during your customer orientation.


The 8501 Dometic also has an industry first removable freezer, which pops out quickly in case you want to stand up taller items inside the fridge. The curved fridge door does store half gallon milk and juice cartons.

We do offer the Dometic CR 110 12 v Compressor Fridge (12 v only) which is fractionally larger than the std. fidge and can be used off level.

Is Northstar Campers the same as R.C. Willett Company, Inc.?

Yes, it is. The Willett family has been manufacturing truck campers since 1955 and has been selling them to dealers since 1961.





Do you have any plans for a pop-up unit with a full height door?

We were one of the first manufacturers to have a full walk through door in our poptops. It was dropped from our lineup in the mid 1980s.  We found that the short door had too many advantages over the full height door. The shorter 53" high door offers much more strength to the camper. All our campers are made to use off the truck. We wouldn't be able to say that with the full door. The shorter door comes with a screen door not available on the full door. The air, insects and water infiltration the full door gets through the horizontal hinges and vinyl enclosure attachments is a concern along with the added maintenance for the full door over the shorter door.The full height door has no header holding one side of the camper to the other, this allows the door frame to narrow when pressure is put on the back jacks when using the camper off the truck. When the camper is back on the truck and no pressure is applied the door frame opening becomes wider. Basically, the rear entrance door never fits properly andthis becomes a bigger problem as time goes by.

Do I have to remove my tailgate when the camper is installed ?

Yes, the tailgate has to be removed.

  1. We do not need the tailgate in the down position to support any portion of the camper that hangs past the end of the truck bed.
  2. When installing the camper, the cables that support the tailgate in the down position would be in the way. 

If you have a back up camera located in the tailgate you can either reposition that camera (or purchase another OEM camera)  in the hitch/receiver area.

Can people travel in the camper when in motion ?

Laws vary from state to state but apart from the legality side of the question, it is not recommended as

there are no seat belts in the campers. 

What is the center of gravity on a camper?

The COG is the balance point of a camper measured from the camper front wall going backwards towards the rear of the camper. The COG is measured on our standard build campers with no water, propane, battery, options or accessories.

As all our campers have the fresh water tank within inches of the camper front wall, as soon as any water is put in that tank will move the COG further forward.

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