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What questions do you have about your Northstar Camper? This is your chance to ask our owners and camper experts Rory Willett and Rex Willett. We will have your answers as soon as we can.


Frequently Ask Questions

•   Hello Gentlemen, I have a 2013 TC 650 Dakota fit. I wanted to install some solar panels and a roof mount TV antenna. How do you recommend running the wires into the camper?
 The wiring for the solar would be run thru the roof, down the tent tube and then down behind the fridge and over to the converter area or wherever you wish to mount the controller. The TV antenna would be the same except it is normally run to above the 12v outlet area.

•   I have a 2013 GMC 1500 Z71 4x4 extended cab standard bed pickup. Which of your pop up truck campers could I put on my truck?
 Depending upon the carrying capacity of that truck and your needs and desires as requires interior toilets and showers or the lack of, that truck bed size will accommodate our TC650, 650SC (New model, pop up version of our hardwall Liberty), TC800 or 850SC. You will need to install either air bags or Super Springs as a suspension assist.

•   Will my 2007 F 150 xlt supercab, 6 1/2' shortbed, with firestone airbags safely carry a 2005 Northstar 850SC. My payload capacity says 1630 lbs. My tires are good to 2535 lbs., and if it is ok, can I use buttons on the back bumper and tork lifts in the front.
 The 850SC std. build dry weight in 2007 was approx. 1735 lbs plus the 27 lbs detachable wrap for a short bed = approx. 1762 lbs before any other options/accessories or propane, battery etc. Wet weight would be approx. 2250 lbs. That means you would be 600 lbs over and above the capacity of your truck before passengers, food and clothing. When all said and done it has to be your decision if you wish to do that. For obvious reasons, Northstar does not recommend that you exceed the payload capacity of your vehicle.

•   Can you order any of the hard side campers such as the Adventurer with the tip out bed?
 Yes, the extra tip out (XB) bed is available, as an option, on most of the hardwalls. The 8.5 does have the room for the XB in the dinette.
The Igloo U and the Arrow can have the bed installed in the dinette or the side of the extended cabover with flat roof. The front slope of the nose is flat across to have it installed there.
I have installed a XB in a Laredo. The 26" wide door shrinks to a 22" wide opening to allow the bed to extend behind the bath area with a false wall.

•   Do you offer an insulator for your soft walls?
 Yes, we have Accessory F, the Arctic Pak Snap Up Insulation Kit. 6/7 pieces, 4 for the tent and the remainder for the camper body windows. It hooks over the upper tent rail and if desired snaps can be installed along the top of the side wall to attach the bottom of the Arctic Pak. The roof goes up and down with the Pak in place and the Fantastic Fan will still suck the tent and Pak in when lowering. Stored underneath the bed in the lift up storage area. Light gray in color with no windows. Customers say it works so well that they will often remove the piece above the rear entrance door to let some air in.

•   is the extended cabover standard on the liberty and if it is not how does it effect the weight and c.o.g. thanks
 Yes, the extended cabover is a standard feature on the Liberty.

•   What are the dimensions of the fold out bed for a tc 650? How far does it pop out? How wide is the hole for it in the side of the camper?
 The door measures 63" x 31" and therefore the hole it leaves would be 63" by 31". It drops down horizontal to be 31" out. The folding cushion that lays on top of the door when it is out/down is 60" x 31" The bed is rated at 500 lbs capacity. The cables that support the bed are rated at 3200 lbs The only XB that is larger is the TC800 at 70" x 31", we can put in the longer door as the TC800 has the longest uninterrupted sidewall.

•   Is the function of the solar panel solely to keep the batteries charged up when the unit is not plugged into ac or dc power supply ?
 The function of the solar panel is to charge the on board 12v battery/batteries which in turn will then supply DC 12v power to various items in the camper, interior lights, furnace blower, 12v outlet, Fantastic Fan, water pump etc. The solar panel does not actually power anything, the batteries do that.

•   Can the 8.5 ADVENTURER be ordered without the extended cabover and will this make the cabover length about 4 foot rather then 6? Thanks
 The standard cabover of the Adventure takes a 56X80 mattress where you sleep side to side on the camper. The extended cabover takes a 60X80 mattress and you sleep front to back. This makes the cabover 24" longer.
The extended cabover is an option but is ordered on 95% of the units.

•   I have a 2004 850SC. What are the best locations for attaching roof mounts for a Yakima rack system? Is it okay to install them anywhere on the roof, or is it necessary to locate a structural member? I would like to carry two 80 lb canoes on the rack.

The roof is a lamination of the roof metal, 1" styrofoam and the ceiling panel. There is solid wood running 2-3/4" wide around the perimeter of the roof, like a picture frame.
If you keep the feet to the very edge of the roof, you will hit the plywood frame.
Yakima does supply the longer cross bars to do that, I am told.
Avoid the area over the frig where the 12V ceiling wires enter the camper. They radiate out like a turkey foot to the lights.

•   I have a 2003 northstar pop up. Will it fit okay on my 2004 Dodge quad cab Dakota? The bed length is 5'5''
 The standard floor width on a Northstar is 48". The Dakota has 45" between the wheel wells. If the camper came off a Dakota it will fit but if it was built for a standard full size truck, the floor is going to be too wide. Just measure the floor width at the bottom of the camper, if it is 44" it will fit both Dakota and full size (F150, Chevy 1500 etc) If it is 48" it will only fit full size.

•   how do i use my boat lights and trailer lights for my tc 650?.... they both plug into the same outlet on the truck
 There is a adaptor that we stock that allows you to plug 2 males into the 7-way of the truck. Most boat trailers have a 4-way flat unless the trailer has brakes, then you would need the adaptor plug We have plenty in stock if you wish to order one. Contact us at 319-233-3461

•   do you offer a pop up slide in truck camper with a tip out bed room?
 The tip out dinette bed is available in the 700SS, TC650, TC800, 850SC and TS1000. The TC800 bed is 72" in length, all the rest are 62"

•   I have a 2008 toyota tacoma prerunner trd which has the molded composite bed. I am interested in the Northstar model 600ss. Can you tell me how the camper is secured to the truck bed? Do brackets have to be drilled and installed through the bed frame? Would you happen to have photos or a web site that shows how the camper is secured? Thanks.

You have 2 choices for securing your truck camper to the truck.

Both options have excellent websites. requires drilling through the bulkhead of the box, has a no-drill setup that has brackets that extend out from under the bed.

With the newer trucks having wrap around boxes now, Torklift is what we have been using here.

•   Best lube for Camper jacksymnn2
Try this link to get all the info for lubing and maintaining your jacks

•   2006 TC650. We live in a wet climate. To prep for use this spring I want to put a fresh coat of black paint on underbelly. What kind of paint/stain do you use and recommend?
 We use a non-fibered asphalt undercoating to protect the underbelly. You can use the spray undercoating found at automotive stores and it will work well.

•   Does it affect the canvas sides of your pop-up campers to leave the camper in the up position outside in the sun for long periods of time, say the entire summer and fall?
 Leaving the roof raised will effect the vinyl sidewalls a little. We cannot get away from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays. I have seen the stiching around the screens and windows shrink and fail faster on the units that are left up all year compared to the campers that are cranked down for storage. But it takes years to see the difference. The sides can survive storms with wind and rain without damage as I have had units in our lot up in storms with over 90 mph winds without any damage. Given the choice, I would prefer to see the roof lowered in those conditions. There are a couple different spray-on vinyl protectors available to help with the UV rays that can be purchased for those who need to leave the roofs up.

•   I have a prewired TC650 for an AC unit. Can any unit fit, or should I buy yours. Could you tell me the model/make I can purchase on the internet or at Home Depot.
 Most 5,000-5,200 BTU window air units will fit into your prewire hole. I try to look for the airs with the top discharge vents. They tend to have less compressor protruding out the back of the camper and balance better.
We can provide the trim kit to help seal the air on the outside and finish off the interior. It consists of painted aluminum molding and a rain sheild for the outside and vinyl wrapped stiles that match the wood trim for the inside.
Call us at 319-233-3461 for more info.

•   What is the external width of the floor of a TC800. Going into Ford f150 with bed liner.
 Tha base of the TC800 is 48" and will slide into a full size truck with liner, although we recommend removing the plastic/vinyl bed liners as they are slippery, we prefer the rubber bed mats.

•   im looking at the tc650 ihave f-150 shortbed but maybe bying f-350 will this camper fit both trucks. thanks
 The TC650 will go on either truck. However, if your TC650 has the 1/2 wrap option the camper will have to be backed away from the front wall of the truck bed otherwise the tail lights of the truck will hit the back of the 1/2 wrap. The reason for this is that the F250 and F350 short bed is 6' 10" in length, apporox 4" longer than all other short beds. Many 3500's are dually so you will need to get swingout extensions to be able to back under the camper. We stock them here if you decide to get the 3500 dually.

•   when touring the factory can you look at the finished campers on the back lot?
 If you plan to visit the factory for a tour, all the units in our inventory are available for you to view.
We look forward to seeing you

•   Where do you guys mount the camper jack logic box in the Laredo's? thanks
 Look behind the drawers in the kitchen area, The "brain" should be on the wall under the range. Removing the drawers will allow better access if you are checking the fuse links.

•   i have a north star 600ss and need a new operations manual. can you help regards jeff
 Our owner's manual is now available on our web site along with several other manuals from the applianace manufacturers. Just click on the box in the upper left hand corner to download the Northstar manual.

•   While driving, is it ok to use the propane fridge as opposed to 12 v
 Driving with the frig on gas is not a problem. Remember to shut the gas off when fueling

•   I purchased a TC650 with the added frame on the bottom. I assume it to be a factory addition. How is it attached to the bottom and will there be a problem if I remove it. I am sure I have clearance and would like the unit to have a lower profile on the truck. 2006 Toyota Tundra.
 The lift frame is attached with#2 square drive screws into the runners as it leaves the production line. Removing them will not pose any problems for the camper.

•   Will a TC650 6.5 Northstar camper fit my 2002 s10 extended cab p/u?
 The TC650 is made for the full size trucks with 48" between the wheel wells. Your S-10 has 40. You will need to look for a 600/700 series to fit your truck.

•   Do you guy's make campers for flat bed trucks?
 Yes we do. The American Hero is for the full size trucks.

•   You may have answered this below but can you use the TC650 as base camp and sleep in the upper bed? I am 6'5" 230 lbs.
 As long as the jack feet are on a solid base, there is no problem with sleeping in the bed when it is on the jacks. Here at the plant, we have hung 2 - employees from the very front lip of the camper weighing 200 lbs+ and the rear jacks did not come off the ground. If they both bounced at the same time, the back feet would come off the ground an inch or two. There has been a couple customers that have purchased the HappiJac dual swing out brackets to get the jacks moved ahead to help with the balance. It is expensive but convienient way to help. I know of one customer that he sleeps with his wife that is about the same weight as you. He uses a 5th wheel tripod support under the camper cabover when he sleeps. He says it helps with the stability of the jacks that can sway when one person is walking in the camper. I always carry 3/4 plywood 12" squares with me that I place under the jack feet to make sure they have firm, stable ground when I remove the camper.

•   Will a 2000 Northstar 700 fit on a 2008 Dodge 2500 long bed?
 The TC700 is designed for the smaller trucks with 40" wheel well width, a 20" cab height and 16 box rail height. The TC700 will fit in the rear of a full size truck but it will need to be placed on a pallet or riser to clear the cab and side rails. Securing the camper to the truck is also an issue because the caper is only 80" wide, compared to the 84" of the full size camper.
The 7 foot floor length is another issue in a truck with a 8' bed.
I know of one customer that sold his Toyota and purchased a Ram. He had his TC700 mounted in the back but had to install jack extenders on the camper, a 3-1/2" riser kit screwed to the bottom of the camper and special tiedowns to hold it in place.

•   I have a Toyota Tundra 6.5 boxand bought a TC650. Can I leave the plastic bed liner in?
 The bedliner can stay in place with your camper on. Please note that some liners can cause the camper to shift side to side because of their slippery surface, others have a non-slip surface. We prefer the rubber bed mats.

•   Can the rear a/c units be powered by the truck engine if it's running?
 The air conditioners units run on 110V AC current only. If you had an inverter installed that was large enough to push the 5,000 BTU air conditioner it could be powered by the truck's alternator. An inverter takes 12V DC current and steps it up to 110V AC, a converter takes 110V AC down to 12V DC.

•   Hi, I own a 2008 Northstar 650 pop-up. I'd like to carry on the roof a 14' canoe that weighs 58#. What type of roof rack do you recommend? thanks
 We carry the Pro Rac roof rack. You can check the racks out at

•   what are the name of your truck campers prior to the name northstar?
 The campers we built in the early years were Texson Campers. Tex was my grandfather and my father was the son part of the name. They started building campers in 1961 here in Waterloo/Cedar Falls. We purchased the Northstar line of campers in 1988 and, for a short time, built both brand names on the same line until switching all campers to the Northstar.

•   How do I find a wiring guide for the plug on a 2002 TS 1000?
 We use the standard RV 7-way plug from Bargman. Pullock makes  the same thing. They both have the same wiring code.
Black - 12V (+)
White - 12V(-)
Red   - Left turn
Brown - Right turn
Green - Clearance lights
Yellow  -  Back up
Blue   - Trailer Brakes used as 12V (+) to refrigerator in some models

•   I love my camper, but wish I had the electric jacks. I am prewired for them. How hard are they to add? Will I be able to hit a button and all 4 raise and lower together?
 If you have your camper pre-wired for the electric jacks, it is easy to add the electric motors and control brain to your camper. The cordless remote allows you to raise and lower all 4 jacks at once or individually to level the camper.

•   I removed the battery a long time ago and can't remember how to hook in up again.
 The white leads go to 12V(-) and the red and black connect to the 12V(+)

•   Will the TC650 fit in my Dakota quad cab?

The Dakota has only 45" between the wheel wells so if you order a TC650, it can be modified to fit the Dakota but a used unit would most likely have a 48" foot print and bot slide in

•   I have a couple questions 1. Can people ride in a truck camper going down the road? We are planning on driving to a next spring and are thinking of purchasing a truck camper if the answer is yes. If it is alright we have a 3/4 ton 4 door diesel pick up truck with a short box, what size camper would we be looking at?
 Most states have provisions for riding in the back. The only restrctions I have seen is, in a few states, the need to have communication with the front. The sliding rear truck window and lower front window does the job but walkie talkies will work also. Check with your state's web site to see if they have a link. Other sites to check out ......

•   Which camper can fit a 2001 F150 Supercrew?
 The TC650 would be the correct camper. If you wish let your tail gate down and it will protrude about an inch further back than the floor of the camper or take it off completely. The camper should have at least the 1/2 wrap option and cannot have the side saddle gray option as the tail gate opening is only 48" 1999 thru 2003.

•   I have an 07 850SC. Can I raise the top with a 70lb. canoe on the roof?
 Yes, you can carry a 70 lb canoe on the roof. The lifting mechanism is designed to raise the roof with up 100 lbs.

•   does the camper battery charge automaticly when pluged into AC power? does it charge when I am driving? I have been using the 3way fridge as follows, when pluged into AC I run it on AC, when on the road I use DC when parked with out AC I run it on propane, is this the best practices?
 Yes, your converter charges your battery when plugged into A/C. The truck will charge the battery when driving also. You are using the 3-way refrigerator correctly. Remember that the 12V side of the frig does not have a thermostat and is always drawing 12V power when on that side of the power selection. I have heard of frozen milk and eggs when left on 12V for long trips and dead batteries after a long stop at a full service truck stop service area. The 12V DC does not cool, it only maintains the temperature achieved by the use of the other fuels.

•   Can a buyer ask for a few custom features?
 We are always open to your requests. That is the one nice thing about being a smaller manufacturer, it allows us to be open to change.
Contact your dealer or us directly to see if we can add a few features for your Northstar.  or 319-233-3461

•   Can the TC650 Dakota Fit Have a toilet installed like the option on the 800?
 The Dakota has a narrower tailgate opening that does not allow for the toilet to fit like the larger fullsize trucks.

•   How do I carry a 16' canoe atop the 600 model?
 We sell 2 different styles of boat racks for the MC600. View the ProRac style at
The other uses yakima crossbars that mount with custom triangle shaped support towers.

•   Can the 850sc be lowered onto heavy duty furniture dollys and then pushed into a standard garage? Ever see this done? y HOA is a pain...
 You can use furniture  carts or any other platform cart that will support the weight of the camper to roll the rig into your garage.
I have used pneumatic swivel casters from Home Depot and bolted them to a 2 x 4 frame and it worked also.

•   I have a F350 4x4, SRW, 8ft, what camper would work best on this truck? I want to keep the dry weight under 2500#.
 I would suggest a 8.5 Adventurer, Laredo SC, or any of the pop ups for your truck. I like the 8.5 Adventurer because it is narrower and lower in profile. Easy to see around and manuever.

•   I have a 2009 Toyota Pre-Runner, 4-door crew cab, 6' bed with tow package. Which model(s) of Northstar would work with that truck? I now carry two 12-ft kayaks on Thule racks mounted on a shell camper. Could "the right model" Northstar be modified to carry these boats too? Thanks.
 The MC600, 600SS, TC700, 700SS will all work on your 75" bed length, and all can accomodate racking to haul two kayaks, or canoes.

•   I have a 2500 SLT 4X4 Regular Cab Dodge Diesel with a 8 foot box, which pop up camper would be the best suited for my truck (my concern is with the bed being north south would it pose a problem with a Regular Cab
 You can fit easily any full size pop up camper that we produce. The 850 SC is the only unit in the full size that is standard with the extended cabover. It still looks good on that truck as there is only a six foot projection, as 10" of the bed is built back over the floor for strength. If sleeping two people, the extended cab option is so much easier and safer to get in and out of bed without disturbing the other person.

•   Will TC800XB fit on a 2006 Ford F150 Supercrew, short bed? If not, what will?
 The best fit is the TC650, TC650XB. Because of the shorter bed length of the Supercrew, it is not advisable to go longer than the TC650 so the truck handles and controls as it should.

•   would like know if it is ok to use a Northstar product as a camper off the truck?
 Yes, the Northstar is designed to use as a "base camp" off the truck while you camp. Be sure the jack feet are all on solid firm ground and lowered to prevent any tilting. I carry 1 foot square plywood pads to set under the jack feet when I am off grid.

•   We have a Nissan Frontier with a 5'8" bed. We were wanting a 700SS with the extended bed over the cab and 3.7 cu ft fridge. Is this possible with the TC650?
 The 700SS will have the 3.7 cubic foot refrigerator standard, and can be ordered with the optional extended cabover option. That would be the correct application for your truck. The TC650 will not fit your truck.

•   What models of hard side truck campers are available as a flatbed build? Can those also be ordered with a side door entry? Really like your product, possibly other questions... Thanks.
 We can build any of our models with side storage to fit on a flat-bed truck, however, the only true flatbed model we build id the side door American Hero.

•   Reinforced rubber roof on an Arrow - what are the advantages/disadvantages?
 The reinforced rubber roof is a bit thicker with strands of thread running thru it both ways. If you could see the back side of it, the threads create  1/8"x1/8" little squares allowing it to be stronger and very difficult to rip or tear. Because it is thicker it will not lay completely flat on the sides where it is pulled over the sidewalls. The standard rubber roof does not have the thread reinforcement, but will lay flatter on the edges. If a person is going to be on their roof to access gear, or be in the backwoods, the reinforced rubber roof may be something for you to consider.

•   Will the 600SS fit into a 2006 Dodge Dakota 4-0door?
 The 600 is made to fit the smaller trucks with a 16" box heigh, 19" cab height  and a 40" wheel well spacing. The Dakota has 45" between the wheel wells.
While I have seen the 600 installed on larger trucks, they are sitting on pallets, or blocked up framing, to allow the outs to clear the box rails and top of the cab.

•   I have 8' pop up Northstar. What kind of white paint /substance to use on the top for a couple of spots that got worn off (color) showing silver. Thanks
 Any good dexterior enamal paint will work. I cannot get my supplier to give us a specific paint code for that white so you may need to try a couple. I found a spray can at Walmart that was a truck paint in white that matched well. Performance white is another white that blends well.

•   I have a 2009 Nissan Frontier LE with the roof rack. Is there a popup camper top that will fit this vehicle?
 The MC600 will fit your Frontier but the roof rack will need to be removed.

•   If I put the 850 p/u on a long bed truck will I be able to add options 19 and 21 (bumper with step and wrap around storage?
 No, those options are available only with the short box trucks. A std build 850SC sits just inside the bumper on an 8' bed, you could not put the bumper on.

•   Hi, I have a tc650 that recently purchased. Ive noticed that the outlets do not work when off the grid. I am curious if this is the standard (DC not being converted to AC) and if so it there an inverter option that can be purchased and installed in order to work outlets when just on battery power.
 The 110v outlets in your camper will only work when plugged into shore power. Your power converter converts the 110v to 12v, and also feeds your 110v outlets. You could buy an aftermarket inverter which will take the 12v and convert it to 110v power. It depends on what you are trying to run on 110v to how large an inverter you should consider.

•   will you make a custom 800 for an F150 6.5' bed that has a toilet closet?
 We currently offer the TC800 with the toilet option. The cabinet is 24" wide and shortens the dinette that much also.

•   Will aTC800 fit a '05 2500 Silverado Crewcab short bed? Thanks, Jim
 Yes, that is a pretty good fit on that year of Chevrolet without doing any adjustments to the camper. As long as it is the 6' 6" bed not the 5' 6".

•   Is there a noticeable difference in handling with a pop up vs. hard wall camper? Do you offer larger refrig. for the 850 SC?
 Yes, there is a noticeable difference, and it will depend on what you plan to use a truck for. The rear end ratio and engine will also play a part in mpg and handling along with driving habits. The 850SC is standard with a 3.7 cubic foot refrigerator which is the largest it can accommodate. The 8501 Dometic also has an industry first removable freezer, which pops out quickly in case you want to stand up taller items inside the fridge. The arched door of the fridge does store half gallon milk and juice cartons.

•   Is Northstar Campers the same as R.C. Willett Company, Inc?
 Yes, it is.

The Willett family has been manufacturing truck campers since 1955 and has been selling them to dealers since 1961.

•   How do I order winter instalation kit
 You can call Kristy here at 319-233-3461 or your closest Northstar dealer to purchase an Arctic Pac

•   Tailgate of 2010 Toyota Tacoma double cab should be removed for MC600?
 Most people leave the endgate on for the overhang. Some tailgates are not level with the box floor and sometimes the support cables interfere with the taillight & wrap which requires it to be removed. The floor of the camper is designed such that it isn't required to sit on the tailgate.

•   I have a Toyota Tacoma Reg Cab, 2010, what popup would fit my truck.
 If you have the 5' bed it would be the MC600 or 600SS, if you have the 6' 3" bed it would be either or those previous 2 or the TC700/700SS

•   Guys, would a 600ss be suitable on a 2006 ford F150 crew cab 4x4.?
 Hello Tim, The 600/700/Offroada 8 series of our campers are all built for the smaller trucks such as Tacoma, Frontier, Ranger, Colorado etc. They are 7" narrower than the TC650 and larger models which means you cannot back up the truck between the camper jack legs, they are also too short in the "UP" height to clear the truck bed rails. We do not recommend trying to make them fit.

•   2011 850 sc with wrap and removable? Boxes, can I add the aluminum bumper step with hose storage
 Hello Keith, The bumper can only be added to a 850SC that has the full, permanent wrap as installed at the factory. There is not enough support otherwise.

•   Will a 2011 850sc fit in a 2012 Ram 2500 without having to block it up? Ie is the truck bed shallow enough?
 If it is a std. built 850SC that has not previously had a riser kit installed, then, yes it will need blocking. (Footprint perimeter and 2 across) Please take careful measurements to allow approx. 1.5 to 2" clearance over the bed rails.

•   What Camper would you recommend for a 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Short Bed (5' 8") with 5.3L engine? W/ and WO/ wet bath?
 The only campers we can put on that truck are the TC650 pop up (with a minimum of the 1/2 wrap option) or the Liberty hardwall. Airbags or Super Springs are highly advisable as a suspension assist. A wrap being a full rear wall with built in tail lights and side skirts of different sizes.

•   Can option #24 overhead cabinet be added later. I purchased a 650 and the dealer said he could order the cabinet and install it. Is there any problem with this.
 Yes, the overhead cabinet can be retro fitted.

•   procedure to winterize laredo sc
 Drain the water tank and the water heater. Turn the valve to the water heater to bypass mode. Suck antifreeze from a jug right from the water pump and get the pink colored fluid coming out of all your faucets, shower heads. Look under the floor near the back of the camper for low point drains. Open those until antifreeze comes out. Be sure to let the pressure of the water heater before you take the drain plug out.

•   anythin new planned for 2014 770ss?
 Not currently. that model had the SS version added to it about 3-4 years ago which improved it dramatically.

•   I'm looking at purchasing an 850SC pickup camper I have an extened cab truck with a 6.5ft bed. Do I leave the tailgate on when putting the camper on with the optional stortge boxes?
 The tailgate has to be removed as the cables that support it would hit the detachable wrap.

•   Greetings, I have a 2007 850SC. How much weight can I carry on the roof (with properly mounted racks) without damaging the lift mechanism? Thanks.
 250 lbs when evenly distributed in the down position, no more than 100 lbs cranking up and down.

•   Do you have a rear awning for a 850 SC? I can not locate one that fits.
 The Fiamma F35 comes in a 6 foot length that works well for the rear of a 850SC

•   what exactly is is a "cassette" water tank
 The cassette part of the toilet refers to the holding tank. It pulls out and can be carried or rolled to any restroom or dump station to be emptied.

•   On my 2007 Laredo SC what does the pre-wired for solar panel mean?
 There are wires run to the refrigerator's roof vent and into the wall so a solar panel can be installed without the need to rout the wires through the cabinets. If you remove the top vetn cover, you will see the leads tied to the vent holes

•   I have a 650. On the side of the refrigerator there is a fan switch. What is its purpose and when should it be used?
 The switch you find on the frig cabinet controls the 12v power to the fan on the back side of the refrigerator. It has a  thermostat but we found that the compartment would get warm enough to activate the fan when the camper was in storage, draining the on-board battery.
The refrigerator will cool 40-45 below the ambiant (outside) temperature. So on a 95 degree day with 60% humidity, the inside of the frig may only cool to 50 degrees without help. The fan is there to help move the hot air from behind the unit,.
In cooler weather, driving or in storage, the fan can be turned off.

•   the three prong plug under the over hang on the driver side is that the plug to charge the battery while driving?
 On our older units, there was a 4 prong plug to power the camper. 3 exposed and one covered. The 3 exposed hook ups powered the 12V side of the camper. Brown is for the roof's clearance lights the other two are 12V positive. The 4th covered plug is the 12v ground
Hooked up, the truck will charge the camper battery if it has one.

•   What do I clean the windows with in my 2010 8.5 adventurer. I there anything I shouldn't clean them with?
 If you have the insulated windows, Dometic has a special cleaner and polish that you can get frmo us to remove small scratches and make them shine. I use a liquid car wash soultution on my windows and then go over them with glass cleaner and a soft cotton cloth to take the water spots off. Being acrylic, you don't want to rub anything onto the window that has solvent or abrasives in it as it can damage the finish.

•   can i purchase a camper from northstar directly
 While you are invited to visit the factory to see how they are built, Northstars are sold through dealers, not factory direct. There is a list of stocking dealers on our web site.

•   For clarification, is the only difference between the 800 and the 850 the standard extended cab? In addition, what is the lead time for a custom ordered pop up?
 Besides the extended cabover there are many differences between the two. The 850 SC has a two inch shorter screen door, is standard with the cassette toilet/shower and water heater, and also has the high lift on the lifting system to gain 6'10" interior height which is a couple inches higher than the 800. You can always call our Western State Sales Representative Billy Mackaill or us at the factory for further clarification. Give us a call at the factory to get Billy's number at 319 233-3461.
We normally run 8-10 weeks on production times year round. There are times when we are a bit quicker depending on the model you order to what is planned in production, but it is best to plan on the 8-10 week time period year round.

•   Which popups would fit in an toyota Tacoma double cab with a 5ft bed?
 The MC600 or the 600SS  will work on your Tacoma double cab.

•   How are the pop ups camping in the winter?
 They do a real nice job winter. The 16,000 BTU furnace keeps you nice and toasty in temperatures to below freezing. If you camp in extreme cold and wind, the Arctic Pac option is available anytime to add another layer of insulating warmth to the camper

•   Was wondering what the cost of a rear bumper would be for an 850SC. I really like the look, and with the attached step, it would alleviate some concerns with height getting in and out while on the truck. Also, in the event that I purchase one, is it something I can install. You have no dealers in Utah, so installation could be an issue. Thanks.
 The rear bumper can only be added if the camper was built with the full wrap option and therefore the gray tank drain comes out underneath. The bumper needs the full wrap for strength.

•   I have a 2011 850SC and plan to add a scissor step to the back. Any restrictions on where to screw in the bracket below the door? There is about 6 inches of space.
 There is solid structure the entire distance below the door to install the step bracket. I like to install mine just a little off center to accommodate the door swing as it opens.

•   where can i find info on tie downs & tie down procedures
 You can look at the websites or to see the two ways to tie down a camper. We also have some photos in our pdf brochure on our home page

•   will a 600 work on a ford ranger 4x4 6 ft bed
 Yes, the MC600 is designed for the trucks in the Ranger size class

•   Do you have any plans for a pop-up unit with a full height door? I stand 6-4 and don't want to crawl in and out.
 We were one of the first manufacturers to have a full walk through door in our poptops. It was dropped from our line up in the mid 80's.  We found that the short door had too many advantages over the full height door to keep it as an option. The shorter 53" high door offers much more strength to the camper. All our campers are made to use off the truck. We wouldn't be able to say that with the full door. The shorter door comes with a screen door not available on the full door. The air and water infiltration the full door gets through the horizontal hinges and vinyl enclosure contacts is a concern plus  and the added maintence for the full door over the shorter door is the reasons we no longer offer it.
I have found that 95% of the time you are either stepping up into the unit or down out of it making the ducking part much easier.
Thanks for your interest in Northstar!

•   Could you advise: looking for a hardside camper for a heavy duty long bed truck that does not extend past the back bumper, so that a horse trailer can be towed without a hitch extender. The side door on the Escape Pod would be great, but it appears this model is not for normal pickup trucks? Your advice much appreciated, as it is difficult to determine which shorter dimesion models can be put on a long bed. Thank you.
 You have four choices of hard side campers that will fit the long bed truck without having to extend your hitch to pull your horse trailer. The long bed Freedom, Laredo SC, 8.5 Adventurer, or the 8.5 Arrow. All these models will leave your hitch totally exposed keeping your tow capacity at the highest limit.

•   Will any of your models fit a 2005 Nissan Frontier with a 6' x 4'10" bed and 43" between the wheel wells?

The MC600 is designed to fit the Frontier. I own a 2001 Frontier and have installed one on my truck and it worked great!
I had to remove the rack on the cab first. It came off and went back on easy.

•   which truck is best for toyota tundra short bed, 2004 truck? I like bed that sleeps parallel to truck, e.g. almost square. can the tundra model do this? how long is the floor length? I want to go off road and don't want camper sticking out.

The TC650 is the right coach and the bed can go either way, with the extended cabover as an optional cost.

•   I purchased a TC800 without the graywater storage tank. Can that be added now?
 Yes, but the gas line to the frig and furnace needs to be moved further out to allow the holding tank to mount against the knee wall.

•   Do you make a pop-up camper for a full size 4-door truck with the 6 foot bed?
 Yes, we have the TC650, 650SC, TC800 and the 850SC available for vehicles with a short bed.

•   I am scratching my head looking at the weight charts. I have a 2004 tundra double cab sr5 and i am looking at a used tc650. Will my truck handle the camper ok? Would you suggest suspension upgrades ? Would i still have capacity to tow a 18 foot fiberglass sea ray boat? I have towed a 7000# bobcat i know the truck has the power. Any advice would be great!
 The base dry weight, std. build, on a 2004 TC650 was 1385 lbs. Most of the TC650s sold those years (and today) will have certain options and accessories on them bringing the dry weight to approx. 1545 lbs. You will need to install either airbags or Super Springs as a suspension assist, however, adding those items does not increase your cargo capacity but will certainly enhance the truck handling. We have had hundreds of customers putting the TC650 on Tundra's since they were called the T100 in the late1990s. When all said and done it has to be the customers decision to exceed the carrying capacity of their vehicle. Note: Cargo capacity and towing capacity are two different things.

•   Will your lift system on the 850 Popup lift 2 kayaks?
 The lift system on the 850SC is designed to crank up with a load of no more than 100 lbs on the roof. Installed items such as awnings, TV antennas, arctic pac, AC etc. would need to be included in a roof load estimate. The roof in the down position can carry up to 300 lbs, evenly distributed.

•   which of your campers will work on my 2007 Nissan Titan 4wd. Crew Cab Short Bed. I believe its around a 5&1/2 FT. Bed. Thank You
 The TC650 with a minimum of a 1/2 wrap option (a wrap being a full rear wall with built in tail lights and side skirts of different sizes) or if you choose to carry more weight the Liberty hardwall.

•   Hi! We were thinking about buying a used TS1000 & were wondering if there would be a receiver that could work with it, so we could also haul a 3500 lb boat? Thanks for answering!! Laurie ;-)
 You cannot install a hitch on the camper itself. The TS1000 is 10' 2" in the floor length including the 2" rubber bumpers on the front wall to stop the camper rubbing on the lip of the front wall of the truck bed. Measuring 122" from that front wall will show you exactly where the rear wall of the camper will sit in relationship to the receiver hitch and ball mount. Hitch extensions are available from any RV store and start at 12" and go up in 1" increments from there.

•   I have a 2011 laredo SC. Will my AC run on a Honda 2000/1600 watt generator? If not can I get an AC that will run on the Honda? Give me a brand and BTU rating that would trade out with my AC I understand the BTU rating will be less but think I could live with it.
 You will have a 7900 to 9200 BTU ac which the Honda i2000 will run

•   I have a TC 800. Can you send me pictures of the roof rack to hold a canoe? How does the arctic pack install, does it help with condensation?
 Please go to to see the roof racks we are using. The Arctic Pack hooks over the top of the tent rail on the inside and then hangs down, snaps are provided if you wish to use them. It helps with lowering the amount of condensation caused by very cold outside air, but condensation is also caused by any open propane flame and people breathing.

•   What size hex wrench is used to lower/adjust the legs on the North Star TC 800 Camper?
 1/2 inch

•   Will the tc650 pop up camper fit on a f150 supercrew short bed 5' 5''
 Yes, it will fit but the TC650 is 6' 8" in the floor length, plus 2" for the front rubber bumpers, going on a 5' 7" bed. Therefore, the camper will need at least the 1/2 wrap option (full rear wall with built in tail lights and skinny side skirts) If the camper does not have this option there will be times that the turn signals etc. will not be able to be seen from behind creating a safety issue. The camper will maybe need a riser kit depending upon the year of the truck. If the truck is a 1999 through 2003 F150 Super Crew the camper cannot have the side saddle gray tank option as the tail gate opening those years was only 48" versus the 60" other years.

•   Does the base weight of the TC650 of 1345 lbs include full water and propane? Thanks!
 The base dry weight (no water or propane) of the std. build TC650 is approx. 1345 lbs. That weight includes the jacks, fridge, furnace, power converter, screen door, innerspring mattress etc. A complete list of std. equipment on any of our models can be seen by visiting our web site ( and clicking on the model of interest. Some other brands will weigh less as they do not include those std. features. All of our options/accessories are weighed right down to the that a customer can see how much their camper weighs when equipped as they wish.

•   Which of your truck camper models would be suitable for a 2011 Ford F15, Crew Cab with 5' 6" bed? Please respond via email, not phone.
 The TC650 with a minimum of the 1/2 wrap option. Air bags or Super Springs would needed as a suspension assist.

•   I have a chevy silverado 1500 4x4 short box, 3 door cab. Can I carry a new Larado or Adventurer? Also what is the build time for a special order? Thanks
 You would need either air bags or Super Springs as a suspension assist. We are currently out 10 weeks for build and deliver.

•   My 2014 Ram 2500 has a back-up camera mounted onto the removable tailgate. The tailgate will be off when hauling my 850sc camper and I would like to add a "compatible" back-up camera to the rear of the camper. It would take a camera and wiring harness compatible with my Ram back-up camera system. Would teh Northstar dealer be able to do this or do I need to go through Ram?
 I would recommend that you go through the Ram dealer for anything to do with the truck camera system.

•   I have a 2004 F150 SuperCab FX4. I have found a 2006 TC800 with short-bed wrap around and extended cabover. Just want to make sure this is a good combo before I buy. Thanks,
 Assuming that you have the 6' 6" bed length, yes, that camper will fit your truck. You will need to remove the tail gate.

•   Have a 1993 TEXSON TC800. Can two people sleep in the over head bed camper when the camper is off my truck ?. Worried about it tipping forward with our weight. Approx 400 lbs combined.
 Yes, make sure the camper is lowered as close to the ground as possible and level whenever it is off the truck.

•   Can I store my TC650 on the jacks or should i use some additional support?
 It is OK to store a Northstar on the jacks, no additional support is needed. Lower the camper as far as possible.

•   Just bought a 2001 8.5 Arrow but it didn't come with any kind of operations/maintence manual. Is one available to purchase/download?
 On our web site click on "Links", then on the left side it will show "Need a manual"

•   I just bought the 850SC you have featured on your sight. The one on the red F150 with the brown dog. I'm now looking for a truck to carry it. Leaning hevily towards the GM 2500 but I thinnk my family would be more comfortable in a crew cab. How short of a bed can I get away with?
 Dodge 2500 6' 4" Chevy/GMC 2500 6' 6" Ford 250 6' 10"

•   What about portapotty storage, use?
 All of our pop up campers have a enclosed storage space for a porta pottie which is slid out to be used.

•   Which Northstar model pop up truck campers will fit my Tacoma mid size extended cab v6?
 If you have the 5' bed it would be the 600 series, the 6' 3" bed will accommodate any of the 600/700 series. You will need air bags or Super Springs as a suspension assist.

•   On the TC800, how much extra weight does the extended cabover add to the total? Thanks
 Approx 60 lbs on all of our pop ups where the extended cabover is an option.